Kaspersky Anti-Virus is a modern antivirus program from a well–known developer that does not disappoint users with its products. The application is equipped with the latest protection systems, which allows it to occupy one of the first places in the line of antivirus programs. The utility protects the computer not only from viruses, but also from fraudulent and advertising programs, scammers on the network, etc. You can download the official version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for free using links from our website.


This antivirus works on computers and laptops running the Windows operating system.

Features of the Kaspersky Anti-Virus program

  • Fast program. Kaspersky Anti-virus works at high speed and is able to eliminate system failures and problems in a matter of minutes. The multifunctional application spends no more than a minute to remove malware from the device.
  • File monitoring. The antivirus program launches a special module that runs while the system is running and checks all files that are opened, saved and deleted. If any suspicious activity is detected, the utility immediately notifies the user about it.
  • Mail management. The program is able not only to work with computer files, but also with mail application documents. All incoming and outgoing emails are checked in order to prevent the spread of viral elements.
  • Web antivirus. The application ensures that you are safe even while working on the Internet. The utility scans all sites for malware or other types of threats on them. If the antivirus suspects a particular site of trying to undermine the security of the device, it will immediately block access to this site and will not allow it to take over the device system.
  • Work with all known viruses and malware. Kaspersky Anti-Virus has an extensive database of spyware, adware, virus and other kinds of programs, which is also constantly updated. No new type of virus will escape the powerful scanner of the presented software product. The application databases are constantly updated.
  • Deep system scan. The application can scan the computer quickly and superficially, as well as conduct a deep investigation of the system and search for all malicious, damaged or infected files. The utility will find any threat regardless of which corner of your computer it is trying to hide in.
  • Creating an emergency copy of the data. This software can create a copy of all your data in the event of a threat to their security or the threat of their deletion.
  • Does not allow third-party applications to make adjustments to the antivirus. Malicious utilities will not be able to get rid of your faithful defender in any way, and he will find them sooner or later and remove them.
  • Restoring the correct operation of the system. After cleaning the computer from viruses, the utility configures it and restores the settings changed by viruses.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus will become your loyal friend in the fight against viruses and fraudulent programs that are constantly trying to take over your computer's data. The presented software product will protect your device from all types of attacks and encroachments on the security of your personal information.